1. HoldenR

    Hey look, 2 retards.

  2. Kevin

    This bitch is making a mockery of the CA penal system! She is never going to change and will self destruct. her parents are milking her for everything they can, blame everyone else for all their problems, and, I guarantee it, will be fielding offers the day after her death. SAD SAD people…No wonder Al quida hates America….

  3. tin

    i thought she was a lesbian.

  4. LJ

    The “Addiction Specialists” at the UCLA Medical Center must be real proud that they let a cocaine addict scam them for an early release.

  5. Roe

    I’m probably going to get a lot of shit for saying this but oh well…

    At this rate I think she’s going to be dead before she hits 40, when that day happens the handful of fans she actually has will be flooding the YouTube videos on her commenting about how she was a “under appreciated musician/actress who was way ahead of her time” or some nonsense.

  6. Rick's Daddy


    • john smith

      Advocating the murder of someone is at least a Class C Felony.!!!!
      Don’t post those types of things if you live in amerika.

  7. john smith

    Some comments you people post on here could land YOU in jail under Intimidation laws.
    Be very careful what you post and say in america.

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