1. Janice

    My husband gets Playboy. I told him if he reads this issue, he’s getting a penicillin shot when he’s done.

  2. I hate that this turd occupies a spot in my brain. I hate that she got paid 1 million dollars to have her sub-par, freckle infested body photographed. I hate that, despite the microcosm of disgust I have for her, I will undoubtedly try and look at these pictures.

  3. ballsonurhead

    I think she could be the hottest actress alive. Beleive it or not there are a lot of casual drug users like myself who like a girl that be a whore and blow some chow up her nose when she wants to. To me a girl like this is 100 times hotter than JLO or Kirstin Dunst. Lohan is cocaine hot…. which translates to fun in bed.

  4. Wolverine

    She is the biggest fucking slut alive. She is nasty, I would not fuck her if she paid me $1,000,000. She is gross, she makes Pam Anderson and Amy Winehouse look safe to fuck.

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