1. Yeah, I’d be pissed too if this was the best my hair and makeup looked in many months. No. Wait. I wouldn’t be pissed at all. That expression must be because they told her she couldn’t smoke until after the scene was finished.

    I’m thinking that has to be a wig, right? Her actual hair is a complete disaster.

  2. Lindsay Lohan is Lindsay Lohan as Lindsay Lohan in a parody of Lindsay Lohan. I didn’t know she was a method cuntress

  3. neo

    sorry, but she’s looking hot!

  4. anonymous

    Yeah, I didn’t believe that announcement that she’d do weddings and crap. LL still has a solid career in banging rich dudes for money.

    Charlie Sheen didn’t give $100K to LL for her taxes. That was for her ass.

  5. She is pissed because she found out Emma Stone was offered the same role for more money.

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