1. spartacus

    Is it me or LiLo’s boobs very bra dependent? Not quite in the Paris Hilton class of wonderbra with chicken filet inserts and tape, but very dependent on her foundation garmentry.

  2. Peter Griffin


  3. vgirl

    Her tits without a bra is reaching NG territory. National Geographic territory. I’m sure she’ll get a boob lift/job before they reach her belly button in a few years.

  4. j.j.

    please. they’re awesome!

  5. ANON

    All those photos she only has one look. She probably can’t turn left either.

  6. Ivana

    This woman looks so dirty in every single pic, like she constantly needs a shower…yuck!

  7. judd

    she is dirty…a dirty filthy whore…but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed!!

  8. Joanne

    actually she has real boobs! Remember what they used to look like before all the horrible fake ones took over? I think she looks pretty amazing in these photos but hate her blond hair. Hope she can get it back together sometime.

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