1. spartacus

    Marilyn FAIL

    • gigi

      more like Veronica Lake

      • karlito

        when i saw her i was scratching my head saying i’ve seen someone looking like that before amd then it hit me when you stated she looks like Veronica Lake…. she looks like Kim Basinger playing a call girl trying to look like Veronica Lake in the ’97 movie L.A.Confidential. IMAO

  2. TurkusMaximus

    dead eyes. /shiver

  3. I like the dress, though.

  4. Erin

    How much makeup must she have on to look even remotely normal??

  5. Angie_T

    She looks gorgeous, people. Stop hatin’.

  6. Dario

    Is Lilo a complete diaestsr? Yes. Has she almost completely tanked her once very promising career? Yup. But can she still look pretty damn hot in photoshoots? For sure.

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