1. spartacus

    Hmm do her up the arse or push her off…. decisions, decisions….

  2. Sasquatch

    While you may consider this her attempt at looking provocative, all she really wants here is help getting all that jewelry she stole earlier out of her hooch.

  3. spartacus

    Off Off Off the balcony!

  4. spartacus

    preceded by the difficult brown, which I suspect ain’t that difficult if I come armed with a couple of grams of charles.

  5. Bane

    I see porn on the horizon! Yay!

  6. Cock Dr

    It ain’t worth a 20k watch.
    Not sure if it’s worth anything at all. It’s really depreciated in the last few years.

  7. The Most Interesting

    That’s not an actual modeling shot. That’s just her default position these days.

  8. Despite her ass sticking in your face, she’s looking for someone who can handle “the difficult blonde”.

  9. anon

    Is it me or was their some really weird photo editing done here? There is no sign of butt, it’s basically a straight line right up to where the underwear is. Not to mention her right inner thigh, which has somehow become concave…

  10. Insert penis here. *points to mouth and ass*

    @ Anon. You’re right, her right inner thigh is concave and doesn’t look right at all. I also suspect photo editing.

  11. bubbly mumbly

    Fire crotch death ray aimed and ready to blast away.

  12. LJ

    In about five years (if she’s still alive) we will probably see this picture surface on some escort site where you will be able to rent Lindsay for $500/hr.

  13. She’s a class act…all the way.

    This is your life now Lindsay, suck on it.

  14. BoBia

    Meh. Looks like the back end of a Barbie doll.

  15. JPC

    Just like how Marilyn used to do it……classy!

  16. Angie_T

    Why does everyone hate Lindsay so much? She looks hot. Also in high-fashion mags, especially “Love,” there’s a lot of sexually explicit/nude shoots.

  17. MoJoTee

    The Zoom Feature is useless on VGA sized thumbnails, scrooge.

  18. would not eat…

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