1. spartacus

    Oooh look cigareets, classy and edgy

  2. Sasquatch

    69 is also the number of antibiotics you’ll need should you venture past that door with her.

  3. spartacus

    OMG I didn’t even notice the naughty room number, how deliciously subversive… Terry you are a motherloving genius, soo talented. It makes the pic extra sexy.

    • spartacus

      Where’s the fucking sarcasm tag when you need it?

      • Sarcasm

        Yeah these pics are lame & the photographer must be a complete loser that does nothing with his life. I mean what will this hack do next… make shitty comments online about famous people who make more in an hour then… oooh wait a minute.

      • spartacus

        Hey that’s me isn’t it :-)

      • spartacus

        Your comments have made me think about myself, it’s true, I work a 45 hour week and make a paltry 150k GBP per year. My wife and kids whom I love very much would be shocked to see me take the mickey out of a girl who has pissed her good looks and acting talents up against a wall through drink, drugs and let’s be honest, a dysfunctional family who probably don’t support her well.

        I think the pictures are poor, very typical of a certain style and not particularly original. LiLo’s blonde hair and current obsession with harking back to classier stars of the past is interesting but doesn’t do her a great service. I believe she had carved out a good niche with her original natural looks and style but all wasted, that’s why I have made a few narky comments, have I hurt anyone? No. Will she read these? No. Am I jealous of her earning power? No. Do I wish she’d suck it up and focus on sorting her shit out? Yup.

        Sadly, the current media machine will keep paying to support her currently questionable lifestyle.

        Oh yeah, and you smell of poopy..

  4. Cock Dr

    Hooker room service

  5. Someone’s knocking on her back door. Should she let him in?

  6. LJ

    Caption: “If you got a $20,000 necklace for me, you can see what happens behind the door, big boy.”

  7. skidmark

    parliaments always remind me of doing cocaine in high school. so, fitting!

  8. Johnny Cage

    Room 69 aye? I’ll be right up.

  9. Earl

    Makeup is the great deceiver!

  10. Misana

    Room 69… I find that very corny

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