1. spartacus

    Whats that saying about lipstick on a pig..?

  2. spartacus

    ….with great titties

  3. narcissisticbtch

    apparently the make up artist wasn’t as good as the photographer as he/she failed to cover that big ass bruise on the inside of her arm.

  4. vandinz


  5. Phil Collins

    fake tits, morons.

  6. Herkimer Battle Jitney

    To quote Dave Chappelle, in regards to Terry Richardson’s ability to make Cokey Smurf look hot: “Boy, you are the goddamned devil.”

  7. Sally Tyler Moore

    Dirty no-talent whore.

  8. Peter Griffin

    Chest (not in reflection) looks VERY airbrushed/photoshopped….no freckles.

  9. onos

    she doesn’t look half bad in these pics… and by that i mean she doesn’t look like herself

  10. Sally Tyler Moore

    Sad, pathetic, dirty swine

  11. NOI

    Oh wow, she’s actually looking decent

  12. Johnny Cage

    She looks fine as hell in that first pic, damn.

  13. CranAppleSnapple

    See Lindsay? It’s a BRA. Notice how no one is throwing up around you and your back and shoulders aren’t hurting? Yes, please keep it. Wear it home.

  14. Deacon Jones

    I heard that if you go to rehab you lose any STDs

    (pulls down pants, reaches for lotion)

  15. Those tits are her saving grace. That red lipstick looks great on her. She should put it to good use.

  16. CK

    Big ol’ punching-bag titties. I could write an article about them myself. With lots of pictures too.

  17. Scarlett

    To be fair, she is kind of like Marilyn Monroe. Have you ever actually seen a MM movie? She wasn’t that awesome really, just sexy and promiscuous and scandalous. Lindsay isn’t looking as good as Marilyn but other than that I see the parallels.

    • Another younger person trying to turn opinion into fact? If you had been around during MM’s lifetime you would understand. Sexy? Absolutely! Promiscuous? Perhaps, but it wasn’t public fodder. Scandalous? In retrospect, yes. But her laundry wasn’t hung out for everyone to examine like LL’s is today. Most of her behavior was revealed posthumously.

  18. She’s a useless person with a horrible personality…but I’ll admit, she looks fucking bangin’ in this pic.

  19. Paully Boston Baby!

    Yay, let’s all bash celebrities bc we are such great people!

  20. Alex

    the closest thing to sucking a dick James Franco could’ve done was kissing her. I hear he likes that sort of thing.

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