1. Anonymous

    It’s not her bum that looks a problem. It’s her dowager’s hump. She is getting a slight hunch in her shoulders and that’s not normal for a girl her age. She can always shape up her bum. But that posture may mean she is lacking calcium. She needs to take better care of herself. If I had beauty like hers I would do everything to preserve it.

  2. fred

    Her bum is a big problem. Her posture she can straighten out but her butt is bizarre, really short & flat but somehow saggy at the same time. She has really odd proportions, not fat but very thick thighs with the strange little butt & a bloated gut. She was never pretty, let alone beautiful, she was cute at best. Red haired & freckled. She’s just ghastly now with the fillers & the fake tan & the cigarette & alcohol bloating, etc.. But there was never anything much to preserve.

    • Throb The Wonder Mule

      I must disagree, she WAS very pretty/beautiful. Had a wonderful face, BUT not anymore for sure !
      SHe was HOT for a little while, YEARS ago……

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