1. Slaps

    When is this idiot gonna die already?

  2. reformed_druid

    Are you sure she didn’t convert to islam or maybe she just thinks if she can’t see the crowd they can’t see her. I had a dog like that once.

  3. “you mean i am really a has-been?”

  4. ahhemmmm

    Isn’t she just doing yoga…downward dog, or whatever its called? Anyways… she’s got a cig in one hand & the pack of cigs in the other, so I don’t see how she’s snorting coke. Not to say that she doesn’t have a “cocaine nose job” already.

  5. sexyman48

    Mark my words one day I’m going to marry this girl.

  6. lux289047

    Its not a downward dog, its a childs pose.

  7. uncle paul

    Maybe the poor girl lost a contact lens, or maybe she…..oh wait, screw it.

    She’s railing coke off the dirty sidewalk.

  8. TCash

    HA HA! YEAH! When I lose a contact lens, I always try to put my eye right back in it, wherever it may lay.

  9. itmustbe342

    mmm that looks more like a drunken fall to me then powder off the sidewalk.


  10. Hey, any publicity is good publicity.

  11. ted

    Any move this girl makes is gonna be spun however these bullshit gossip bloggers want… who’s worse, this Linsday Lohan loser or the scumbag who covers her douchebaggery for a living?

  12. kendrachanae

    This girl seriously needs help and seriously need some Jesus in her life, ya’ll need to pray for her instead of make fun of her

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