1. spartacus

    marginally better, but still hiding the puffy face with those big glasses

  2. yup

    Even though she’s a complete mental case, she always looked best with her ginger hair. Even the brunette look suited her better than the blonde. Doesn’t look right on her skin.

  3. momostyle

    Ive been waiting for her hair change for a while! Ginger is def the best color for her !!!

  4. arnieblackblack

    Yay! Juicy ginge again. Fap, fap,fap…

  5. Tawmie

    It really does make a huge difference. That peroxide blond was horrible.

  6. Okaywhat

    looking better

    now stop doing drugs

  7. jeffiner

    all of the above

  8. Glenys

    Was the blonde hair a wig? Where did her fringe (Australian lingo here) go now that she’s a ginger again?

  9. omg I LOVE IT !!!!!!! and I love her

  10. steven

    thank god! i ‘ve always loved her as a redhead! never cared for the blonde hair on her!

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