1. Janice

    Doesn’t her assistant know you bend at the knees and not the waist when picking up Lindsay’s coke?

  2. jimmy james

    look out! the girl in the back is about to do the crane kick!

  3. Sheppy

    I’ll take the girl at the back. You can take the girl at the front. Deal?

  4. Neo

    Ocean, you are no match for my Crane-style!

  5. Leave it to Lindsay Lohan to fuck up the “contrast friend’ concept.

  6. wendy

    who the F*CK takes a purse to the beach?

  7. whatever

    “Performance art is SO James Franco.”

  8. Caroline

    Crouching tiger, blatant crack whore

  9. Colin

    Wonder if the Indian rain dance is to wash away all the crabs on the beach?

  10. He invited Lohan to his house and then, is suprised when shit goes missing? Genius.

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