1. the_douche_master

    Personally, this chick is a much better choice. At least we don’t have to see freckle monster naked. Uggg.

    Lohan’s time is past, this is our time now…

  2. Alex

    I’d rather have seen Lohan naked. At least she has bigger tits than this nobody.

  3. Count Von Stickyteeth

    Speaking of herbie fully loaded. we’ve been planning a sequel / reality film in the vain of vanishing point. Following lindsay lohan as she drives herbie from one side of the country to the other in some insanely short amount of time all in the name of going straight and getting her shit together – focussing on all the drug withdrawl, car/human sexual tension, and being chased by paparazzi, police, fans and people she owes money to.

    I think she’s a wonderful actress who doesn’t seem to do it any more, and a beautiful woman (her tits in herbie – wow – even with the disney induced reduction), and i’ve alway had a thing for red heads and frekkles. this girl doesn’t hold a cock compared to lindsay.

  4. Eric

    I dont know this chick or seen her act but she’s too skinny and off the cuff Id rather see Lohan in the film.

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