1. cuuuuu-ute……

  2. LittleCupcakes

    Super hot! Can’t wait to see those breasts!

  3. mk

    hahahahahahahahahahh ahh aahhha ha ha ha

  4. mk

    oh at lindsay….hahahhaaaaaa!!

  5. Jeremy Francor

    Lindsay is too good for this film. It is not what she needs for a good comback. Ugh. So glad she isn’t doing it…if this is true, anyway. I so hope it is. She needs to work her ass off to secure her role in The Dry Gulch Kid, blow smoke up Tarantino’s ass, and get back on the A-List where she belongs.

  6. Vito

    I’m a bit disappointed. This gal is very pretty, but Lindsay has much nicer tits. I had a feeling this was going to happen. Drat!

  7. Pixie

    Yay for red headed, blue eyed, super white chicks! Way to represent! (Yeah I know she’s not a real red head but she looks like she could have been!)

  8. DancerForMoney

    This chick is 45 times hotter than Hohan.

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