1. Jess

    From the thumbnail I thought that this was a stoma

  2. Jill_Ess

    The one, no two, good thing(s) she has left.

  3. rican

    Wait, I’m confused, is it “monkey on your back” or “Monkey between your tits”?

  4. oh, THAT’S why it smells like a monkey in there.

  5. God is Black

    “Monkey see , Monkey Do!” I would love to be that Monkey !

  6. Max

    What’s up with that million mile stare?

  7. colleen

    some people have a monkey on their back…her’s is between her tits and is actually a small tin of cocaine…

  8. I’m waiting for Dina to tell us it’s just a mole that had a growth spurt.

  9. monk

    it’s a photo at her 15-20 years ago….ooh she has grown up….. that’s sweet or what??? :)))))

  10. skunk

    titty bitch

  11. Elf

    Ahhh! So “Motorboat” is that monkey? Finally I got it!

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