1. suck it

    I dare you all to use the zoom feature around her crotch. Freckle central.

  2. She has Popeye arm thighs.

  3. Challenge accepted.

    *My eyes!!!!!!*

  4. cdizzy

    when did Ke$ha become a ginger?

  5. Mama Pinkus

    you’re usually in your 40′s when your body really starts trying to change into the shape of a fridge

  6. CranAppleSnapple

    That’s a very psyche-friendly form of body dysmorphic disorder. She’s happy as a clam. Probably happier than HER clam, but you know.

  7. logan

    Just walk and smile, walk and smile. Just a few more steps, walk and smile. God I’m a great actress, walk and smile.

  8. Now that’s a Paris Is Burning shot right there…

  9. YEs

    The freckles don’t bother me. Its her legs in general. Out of shape with saddle bags and kinda messed up. She’s under-30 but has the legs of a 40-something scrag that comments on blogs all day.

  10. Rob

    Damn! that’s a lot of freckles!!!!!!

  11. DBN

    She has the tits of 20 year old and the legs of a 50 year old….

    • you need to take another look at her tits. She has the tits of a 50 year old…they match the legs. And if you know what’s good for you, do not seek out photos of her ass in a bikini.

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