1. Tony

    Nice bruise there, Tina Turner.

  2. Sure, the overall lack of tone, sure the tanning cream sporadically applied, sure the complete obliviousness about her bruising and how people will zoom in on it, sure the line under her chin that suggests her second chin is now a permanent fixture … but what I think ages her most of all are those choppers that look like a prop in a Poligrip commercial.

  3. “Oh water, you’re so hilarious!”

  4. logan

    I bet this is the same facial expressions that women her age (Paris, Kim etc) have when they view these photos.

  5. Drugs are bad, mmkay?

  6. Hotwater

    lol lets dim the lights and head to the bed room hell yea

  7. Rokay

    I wish those that speak against drugs, would use this photo, covered at the bust line, to tell kids the disadvantages of drug use.
    The most gripping part of these photos is that lydsay is so oblivious to how horrible she looks.
    Very sad, that was was treated like a piece of meat by her own parents, and now is just a piece of meat.
    Her parents should be in jail for neglect and abuse.
    Lyndsay, a poor narcassistic woman, with really no where to turn. A good example for all to see what neglect, selfishness, and greed will do to the human soul.

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