1. Dinosaurland

    If there is one thing the Lohan women have going for them, it’s their potential to be the sexiest grandmas in Boca.

  2. Kirk

    Ugh….what sicko wahts to see that white trash skag naked? Fowl, just foul!

  3. MJ

    She’s a human being, and so am I — leave her alone.

  4. sparters

    I call Tranny!!

  5. A Watcher

    Looks like a skank HO to me.

  6. Not here

    G@ys should be forbidden to post on this site!

  7. welldoneson

    amazing what a few thousand $ worth of hair and makeup work can do to clean up a crack whore.

    oh, wait, this is Lindsay Lohan?

    never mind.

  8. an

    She seemed so sweet and beautiful before. I kinda pity her. Obviously she isnĀ“t healthy.
    She should leave the cigarettes, drugs and alcohol and get healthy. AND GET THAT BEAUTIFUL RED HAIR BACK

    • fuckface

      “I kinda pity her.”
      that is exactly the reason I pay attention to this shit.
      “Obviously she isn’t healthy.”
      that is the other reason that I pay attention to this shit.
      “she should leave the cigarettes,…”
      I would stop paying attention to this shit for that reason.

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