1. Mee Mee

    Wow. Chunk leg.

  2. A Watcher

    Very sexy with the cigarette hanging out of the mouth—NOT!!!

  3. LongIslandFan

    WTF…she’s a very pretty girl and has a great body. Always thought of her as a classic/old hollywood look. Red hair, curvy, voluptuous but god playboy made her look worse then she does in regular pics. WHO IS MANAGING THIS GIRLS CAREER. So sad. She can look so much better then she does in those pics. I should manage this girls comeback.

    • No Way

      ‘classic old hollywood’? are you talking ‘back to the future’ classic, or something else? she’s very modern, in that grubby, just climbed out of a trashcan after sucking off a random, plastic, generic kind of way.

  4. Redhead

    tell her to get rid of that trash hair and get her red back – a little bit of it anyhow…

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