1. Is she having an allergic reaction to something? Working perhaps?

  2. CuriousTroll

    This is what happens when your mother is a cunt and your father is a dick asshole.

  3. You can only blame the parents for so much. The parents are complete fuck ups but lindsey is just doing all this shit to herself now. I could care less. So not hot anymore, and saddly probly never will be.

  4. Happy_Evil_Dude

    I don’t feel like saying anything mean. It’s just f-ing sad. She used to bea beautiful, talented and in demand, with the wolrd at her feet. But her family and her decided it would be easier to just coast along as a fuck-up. Wait did I say I wouldn’t say anything mean? I meant she looks like Jabba The Hutt, ZING!

  5. anonym

    you can already see how she looks in 5 years when she’s fat, broke, and living in a trailer park.

    just a few more donuts away from a full blown double chin.

    soon she’ll look like rosie odonnell

  6. Bionic_Crouton

    I am just glad to know that she is okay. (my computer did not come with a sarcasm button.)

  7. kingofbeer

    she looks pregnant imo…

  8. Just die already.

    And yes, I hate her that much. She’s wasting the world’s oxygen supply.

  9. Haiku

    Wtf is up with her face, coke bloat much? loool.

  10. JMC

    You know how in Happy Meals you’d get a cheap version of a legitimate toy like the Happy Meal Furbies or Game Boy’s. That’s what her Birkin bag looks like, smaller and falling apart.

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