1. n.

    How did her face get so puffy? She doesn’t look like she’s gained any weight.

  2. Tom

    I’ll bet that storage unit is where she stores her dewlap, or wattle or in the parlance of our times, her jowl cream.

  3. Luopis

    I am sorry, but I never figured out what does she really do.
    Is she an actress or…? Why is she even famous in the first place.

  4. She’s more jowly than Walter Matthau doing his Marlon Brando impression in the voice of Droopy Dog.

  5. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Firecrotch? More like fried-up ccotch amirite?

  6. Carolyn

    Those lips……

  7. Well, she already has the lips for porn. Porn is a good way to make money fast. And hers would sell like hotcakes because it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Morbid curiosity is a hell of a thing. I would suggest she hit the gym hard first.

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