1. Solara

    She just needs to take rehab seriously…she can still turn it around

  2. Pffft

    She obviously has no respect for authority, maybe she’ll learn some in the clink.
    Get it together, Lindsay! Quit the drugs and alcohol and make something of yourself. Your antics are quite tired and don’t garner you any sympathy.

  3. Johnny Cage

    Sure is “use the freckle face chick as a punching bag” in here. In all honesty seeing Lindsay cry made me sad. Why do we really hater her? Because she uses drugs? Because she parties a lot? Because she humps a lot of people? Well if that’s the case, then we’d be hating every damn media figure head currently in circulation, as well as few suburb kids we knew from College. Almost every celeb does coke. Almost every celeb gets wasted at clubs. They need it, because their lives are owned by Corporations and are always monitored by the paps. Their life is slavery in a way.

    And yeah they all thumb their nose at the law. Just take a look at how many rap stars were former drug dealers or used to be in a gang. I actually wish someone would lock those hoodlums up for once. But that won’t happen because the white kids who buy their music rly think they’re kool.

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