1. Zombie Kitty

    …or she’s just eaten the minge off that bag of bones

  2. Oveta

    Can Nicole Ritchie no longer afford a tightening up of her weave? WTF?

  3. Kbaad

    I hope Christopher Nolan sees this photo. He won’t have to look anymore for the next Joker.

  4. BangBang

    I thought it was a vampire coming out of the car

    If you are a celebrity… at least dye your roots regularly…once a month isn’t that hard to maintain…

  5. TheAdmiral

    Well, if Lindsay does come after her, it looks like she can now squirt blood from her eyes to defend herself like a horny toad.

  6. I can haz deviated septum?

  7. I'm on my Period.

    Sam is fucking sexy.

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