1. sooooooosuperficial

    Her legs have more bruises than Annabel Chong’s after her world record attempt.

  2. justagirl

    what is UP with her constant variety of bruises? does coke do something to your body’s ability to bruise, or is she so drunk half the time that she just rams into shit constantly?

  3. spartacus

    The use of cocaine has been documented to cause thrombocytopenia which is a decrease in platelets which are small blood cells which are required for the normal clotting process. When they are decreased this will result in abnormal clotting and thus result in bruising on any part of the body.

  4. macks rude

    i wood hump that lovely young lady so much, she would’nt have time to get in trouble, or do drugs. or wreck cars etc…..

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