• Winnie

      Finally, the world begins to realise it has been lusting over a butt that isn’t there. A Phantom Butt if you will.

  1. marie

    no ass but tanning bed stripes

    • That’s a spray tan, girl. She’s a ginger. Normal tanning beds have no effect on her freckle farm.

      • mehgan

        terrible spray tan. when will ppl realize that no spray tan looks good or even natural? it looks HIDEOUS!! the only tan parts of her body are her elbows, thighs and halfway down her calf. she looks dumb

      • mehgan

        and whats a “normal” tanning bed?? didnt know there were fake tanning beds…….

  2. Ollie

    From that angle, she’s got the figure of a 90 year old

  3. Captain Obvious

    Hey! Has anyone seen my ass? We’re about to start shooting!

  4. GrandDragon

    Even the back of her knees have track marks

  5. BostonBruin

    Liz had a better body just before she died

  6. Johnny Pooper

    She even farts coke.

  7. YTBOY


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