1. I might be wrong about this, but didn’t Liz Taylor have an ass?

  2. The Pope

    “Holy shit! Lindsay, the title of the movie is ‘Liz and Dick’, not ‘Liz and Her Dick’! Now put that away before young Elton John here see’s it!”

  3. “It’ll be like How To Get Ahead In Advertising, but less arty.”

  4. adolf33

    shes got negative ass. its when your ass is so small, it is not only not there, but takes a chunk out of the rest of your body to make room for all the absence of ass. if it were flatter, her hips would be floating above her thighs. she would be a two piece. i paid her for sex once. was the best piece of ass i never had.

  5. geedavey

    shapeless, assless, talentless hack

  6. Lea

    Uhm .There’s no cameltoe here. Wtf. I guess pelpoe will nod their head in agreement to anything if somebody takes enough time to write a detailed entry about a picture Even if it doesn’t exhibit the cameltoe they speak of. Anywho, this is lame. Bye.

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