1. If she’s supposed to be playing Elizabeth Taylor, why do they have her made up to look like an aged Dina Lohan with black hair?

  2. rantatonne

    From the looks of this picture i really hope they signed on Terry Richardson as the principal cinematographer.

  3. Alison

    Does anyone else notice the subtle gradient of orange to white from head to toe?

  4. Mama Pinkus

    Ms. Lohan puzzles me – with all her substance abuse problems I would think she has severe self-esteem issues, yet here she is thinking she can be Elizabeth Taylor, who was not only extraordinarily beautiful but a great actress too. She cannot.

  5. King Diamond

    She has one of the most ugly and annoying smiles ever!

  6. Sue C.

    I think Lindsey is a good actress, but not to be the actress of Elizabeth Taylor’s on screen.
    What were the producers thinking. She never will be compared to Ellizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth is one of a kind. Maybe it would have been better to get an unknown to play Elizabeth. What do you think?

    • sarah

      I think an unknown would have been a great casting call for this film. Since it was lower budget they should have definitely went that route. There are some amazing actresses out there waiting for their chance. So unfair

  7. Nerlon Freen

    I was kind of looking forward to Lohan as Linda Lovelace. As Liz Taylor… not so much.

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