1. absinthe

    lyke oh em gee, her belly button is so high!!!!!!111!!1

  2. Them’s some big feet!

  3. Roberta

    Her feet are Photoshopped because she had her SCRAM device on at the time of these photos. And they look weird.

    • #2 all the way

      For sure – her right foot looks cartoonish, and what’s up with her heel? Holy 90 degree angle

  4. Mangog

    3 people like missed the Like button.. like Internet

  5. HeyHey

    Her feet are always nasty, says an expert on the subject matter.

  6. Dijkie

    Damn, I’d hit that….


  7. Jack

    This bitch is a 10. I’d lick every freckle on her and then fuck her so hard they’ll all fly off. And I’m not trollin’, I’m being serious.

  8. Tiit

    This Collings guitar is REALLY hot!

  9. ROFL this looks nothing like her. In the real world she has a busted body and an even busted face…

  10. herbiefrog

    to the poor saps on this site…

    …your jealousy and hate is leaking out
    …into your posts

    jealous cos you arent famous or wanted…
    hating cos you arent her and dont know anyone like her

    sad to see you making up sh*t comments when this place used to at least be amusing

    …o well : ) peace gits (enjoy your sad lives)

  11. serious

    this looks shopped.

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