1. Amanda

    Did they edit out her belly button on the cover?

  2. Lu

    Must have, because from the first picture it looked abnormally high… SHould be easy to spot, but its gone!

  3. Maeby

    wow that is one high belly button. and then a lack of one on the cover. interesting.

  4. Oh, wow, they must’ve spent hours in editing because she actually looks ::gulp::: hot in the first two. I need to go gargle some whiskey now…

  5. Susy

    it’s good to see her back to beautiful.

    But the thing that really bothers me is the belly button. It’s normal in picture 2, fucked up in #1.

  6. And where is the SCRAm bracelet? Either Picture 3 was photoshoped or it is evidence of tampering.

    Remeber she said that the Bracelet would interfere with photo shoots…

  7. Alexis

    She doesn’t have a belly button here, NOW THATS STUPID OF THEM


    finally some decent photos of Lindsay.

  9. LOLA

    So pretty but soo crazy

  10. Hard 4 Lohan

    Amazing what makeup can do. In those pictures she’s almost fuckable….but in reality she looks like a crack whore.

  11. Jim Ashby

    Looks like she’s putting on weight. Good for her :-)

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