1. J

    Her belly button is as high as her sternum

  2. T

    J, that’s the first thing I noticed! I checked out all the other pictures to see if it was in the same place. :) (By the way, it’s not!)

  3. Camila

    What happened with her button belly? Is so high!

  4. LaPetiteFrancoiseDuQuartier

    Is she really beautiful?

  5. I know when I go bow hunting, I think of sand and camels. Oh, and their sweet toes.

    In the third pic, are they selling decks or guitars? For ten I’ll buy both. If they throw in the crackhead with nice boobs, I’ll throw in another fin.

  6. Double_L

    yeah hahaha what fool did the photoshop on that first picture?

    Daisy! Daisy! come back!!

  7. yowillie

    Nice mound.

  8. kpatra

    Nice photos.

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