1. Sonny Liston

    The Deer Hunter II, Airing on Lifetime this Fall.

  2. Rico Jones

    This picture sums up her life so well.

  3. Beefalo

    do it

  4. lily

    such a sad, lost soul

  5. Think it through Terry. If you can sell these photos to Fish for $8, think how much you could sell a piece of drywall splattered with Lindsays brain matter.

  6. Crissy

    So hoping for a production mistake and for that gun to have been loaded and unlocked… Ok, I’m going to hell!

  7. wulfsong

    Pull the fucking trigger already.

  8. juicyfruit

    Her mother must be so proud.

  9. yimmy nordan

    “Di di mau! Mau!!”

  10. duder

    Instant boner.

  11. sup

    not lindsey lohan

  12. seriously

    Isn’t she on probation for something…and can’t be handling firearms?

  13. Ruben A.

    Hey Lindsay, Can we have sex before you die???

  14. Doshii

    Odd: The weapon is a Bulgarian Arcus 98, a Browning Hi-Power knock-off. … Strange gun to see being used as a prop.

  15. mike

    LiLo, think about it, you have so much to live for. Most of Kaleeforna underground cocaine routes go through your coffee table. Think of the chaos that will ensue once you are gone, man!

  16. Throb the Wonder Mule

    We can only wish……..

    Pull it, pull it………………

  17. Marco

    If she would only

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