1. KungFu Panda

    PULL IT!!! PULL IT!!!

  2. “OK Lindz, put the gun in your mouth like you’re going to shoot yourself.”
    “Um, no way, Terry. That’s dangerous.”
    “I dipped the muzzle in coke.”
    *slurp slurp slurp*

  3. Sadly, that’s also her blowjob face.

  4. Okay, Lindsay, pull the trigger! For God’s sake, PULL THE TRIGGER!!

  5. Oh, if only she would do it. That would be 74 points for me!

  6. Is it just me, or does black-and-white make her look like Octomom before she was reanimated?

  7. Apparently black microphones are for amateurs!

  8. lily

    pathetic. she is really desperate for work….

  9. Beee

    Terry Richardson is a genius, taking all these photos of Lindsay before her inevitable early death so he can then cash in on his library of tagline-ready pictures of her engaging in pseudo-tragic behavior. Bravo, sir.

  10. Lord Invader

    Esteemed colleagues of Congress and “Fast and Furious” panel members, I present to you Exhibit A which supports my theory that allowing firearms to pass into the hands of irresponsible criminals is not always a bad thing.

  11. Don’t…don’t tease us, biscuit. Just imagine it’s a crack pipe or some hotel owner’s cock.

  12. Viv

    her looks are officially gone.

  13. BlackDudesThoughts

    I heard that gun has HIV now…

  14. Dick Righteous

    Oh, oh, my dream of dreams !

    One simple drug clouded mishap, please, end it soon for everyone’s sake !

  15. kuhkuhkuh

    it’s like she’s trying to be Olivia Munn in every shot.

  16. Ruben A.

    Hey Lindsay, can we have sex before you kill yourself???

  17. KC

    Where is Murphy’s Law when you need it?

  18. fucketh ye

    “Pray for Peace”? I’d rather pray for pieces of her brain and skull to spatter the wall behind her. Jon-Erik Hexum style…

    • Wow. Well remembered!

    • While I’m with you all the way regarding the sentiment, Jon-Erik Hexum’s brain and skull exactly didn’t end up on a wall behind him since he shot himself in the head with a blank cartridge – there was no bullet. The damage was done by the wadding that sealed the blank impacting his temple with a large amount of force, driving a chunk of bone into his brain. Since Lindsay obviously has no real brains, all that would do would just give her another excuse to skip work and go shoplifting.

      Can we pray for her to shoot herself in the ass instead, in the hope that a small coke-atrophied mid-brain might be lurking there?

  19. Rob

    Do the world a favor and pull that trigger!!!!

  20. Sometimes it would be nice if people think before they do something like a publicity photo holding a gun to her head….people who are young and impressionable , like my niece, now take photos of themselves holding a gun to their face …. this is getting to be a very sick society we live in here in the USA…. suicides have gone up 30%, that is HUGE !!! Thanks to our useless leaders and our slutty=entertainers, our society is going down HILL fast !!!!

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