1. New teeth, huh? Well, I guess ya gotta start the overhaul somewhere. Problem is, there ain’t enough mechanics on the planet to get this done before she dies of old age.

  2. Pip pip cheery-o

    Now if she’d gain 10 pounds and go back to red hair, she’d look amazing again!

  3. Doctor Joystick

    Why do I feel like I’m gonna see this picture again on Craigslist under the “services” section in a few months?

  4. Haddo01

    She’s not evening trying to hide the booze and cigarettes behind her

  5. needAnAlias

    i call bullshit. this is just sly marketing. notice the website? they want you to click on the site.

  6. Liz

    She has her father’s receding hairline.

  7. Scott

    Really folks, her talent-to-popularity ratio ran out a long time ago. She’s living on the “Paris Hilton” factor now. Isn’t it time we just told ourselves, “Self, she’s a nobody now. Let’s get on with OUR lives and hope she doesn’t show up again for some other poor sap to read about”? The more she does, the more I’m concinced she will be in those tragic pools where people bet on the next Andy Rooney. Really folks, a nobody going nowhere, at a slow speed.

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