1. Coyote

    Just More proof that Minka is Much Much Better then this drunk piece of Shit

  2. Cock Dr

    That’s too bad….continuing to ruin her looks & health.
    If she’s dumb enough to drive (of course she is) please post photos of her car & license plate. CA beware.

  3. Max Conrad

    She looks like a 45 year old meth & alcohol freak!

    What a shame. She went from a beautiful & talented young girl to a rode-hard skank in 3 short years.

    Maybe the porno industry will take her, maybe….

    • teetee14

      i agree with you 100%!!! guess when you get to hollywood and tons of money this aka Lindsay Lohan is the result. such a shame.

  4. teetee14

    what happen to her? she use to be so pretty. her redhair was pricless like my hair.

  5. probono

    Now who is the chick behind her…. she’s actually hot

  6. miguelito

    two words: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

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