1. dani

    Be careful granny!

  2. MAveRiCknewyork

    This isn’t funny anymore. Its just sad. I kept hoping she would somehow at some point make a glorious Hollywood comeback Robert Downey Jr. style, but Its clear now that this is dangerously close to a tragic ending. Its really infuriating how the media, paparazzi, & everyone else in the universe are just laughing.

    • Miss Thalia Amour

      I agree. It’s disgusting that those paparazzi make their living selling photos like this of someone who is at the lowest point of their life and it just adds fuel to the fire. Another sad thing is if this girl dies sometime in the near future the media will most likely change their tune towards her and say what an amazing actress she was and play the sympathy card. It’s just low and very sad.

    • Jovy

      I agree, kinda wish she would just drop dead already.

      Oh is that not what you meant? Sorry.

    • miguelito

      what’s saddes is that her so-called family is nowhere to be seen. poor lindsay.

  3. Thought bubble over photographer’s head:
    How much would a mid-vomit shot fetch me?

  4. ted

    DRUNK… drunk.

    HAHAHAHAA… it is funny…. It would be sad if she actually cared….but since she doesn’t…it’s funny.

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