1. White: not my first color choice for Lindsey

  2. Cute dress & even her sandles look cute! Nice summer outfit for a hot day. I don’t like her sunglasses, and her bracelet doesn’t go with her sandles. A silver bracelet would have made it come together, since there is silverish colors in her sandles. Lindsay is a natural red head, so tanning prob isn’t her favorite thing to do, but a some color is a must when you wear white, it just is. White makes her look washed out, and with how skinny she is, it makes her look sickly. Maybe just a simple specially made formula would her look tan, but not orange and NOT TOO DARK! Lord knows that girl can afford someone to make her a color to make her look healthy, but not ridiculously dark or fake orange looking. That’s the prob with Mystic Tan sessions, they don’t last more than 7 days, & most of the time you look orange. But I’m guessing Lindsay’s publicity manager (Oops, I can’t think what you call them?, I just know they help with a celeb’s image– outside image & personal image.) I haven’t heard much about her, so I thought I’d look what she’s been up too. Hope she’s doing better. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance, ok maybe more than a few. : P

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