1. “That’s right…now keep your mouth just like that, crawl over to me and unzip my pants.”
    “Does this mean I’ll get the part?”
    “Sure does, I wouldn’t lie to you”

  2. Hey, she’s been as drunk as I was on my 19th birthday, and she has done it all over the world! A lot! When it’s not even her birthday!

    Showbiz, trashing people’s lives since the late ’20′s.

  3. dude this carpet is like sooooo trippie!

  4. “How dare you insinuate I’m drunk! I dropped a script Scorsese’s people sent me because he’s desperate to have me in his next movie! Now help me find it so I can get back to being sober and attractive!”

  5. LilDeuceDeuce

    Looks like another case of ‘mercury poisoning’. Speed The Plow claims another victim

  6. LeaMichelleMustBeStopped

    She’s just rehearsing for the revival of “Miracle Worker”, if Helen Keller was a middle aged red head. You guys are asses.

  7. “I’m gonna crawl to your crotch with my eyes closed and make sucking movements with my mouth. If your penis gets in my way, it’s your fault… and you owe me $500.00.

  8. “…MARCO…”

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