1. Rush

    that doesn’t even look like her.

  2. Mel

    AMEN!!! lol!! where’s her ankle bracelet???

  3. Murf

    Thank goodness,

    Only one more step til porn!!

  4. kessie

    we hate megan fox because she won’t show her boobs, same story here : /

  5. you

    Don’t care if she’s crazy i still bang the shit outta her

  6. mumpkin

    she would be hot….

    …. if she didn’t have a face

  7. laura sweet

    See the shots of Lindsay Lohan by Markus and Indrani BEFORE Complex magazine added the KAWS art and photoshopping here:


  8. Jackson Pollock

    I wonder if it’s hard to airbrush freckles.

    Also, doesn’t she realize that chicks with red hair are infinitely hotter than chicks with Amy Winehouse’s awful nappy mat of black hair?

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