1. occam's boner

    All I have to say is: “well, duh!” Who in the hell did this intrepid reporter *think* was footing the bill for this legal dog and pony show??

  2. Mickey01232000

    California is a joke. In any other state this broad would have done the full 18 months. When are they going to stop fooling around and lock her up. She has learned nothing.

    • mpath1

      overcrowding is a problem when dealing with normal convicts. a celeb like that takes even more time, energy, & resources since she’s clearly not gonna be placed in general population. and she has to be looked after at all times.

      it makes for a nice joke in theory to treat her like everyone else, but we all know she’d probably get seriously injured or killed by another inmate and the state would end up paying a million in damages.

      sure she’s a rich, spoiled brat but the bottom line is that her crimes are not serious enough to warrant that much effort.

  3. NG

    She looks beautiful.

  4. Bunga party

    She is an ass clown and represent all that is wrong with California

  5. soljagirl54

    Yep, she’s definitely a “Banger” as a Redhead.

  6. darintullis

    yall hatin mujthrfkrs are fkedup this gurl is FINE an real

  7. Pamela

    I know she’s got a screw loose (or two), but she really does look beautiful in the picture.

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