1. Deryn

    THIS is Lohan. Bored, and getting annoyed. Drooping (literally; look at the skin on her side). Cigarette in one hand, booze in the other. Throw-her-shit-everywhere slob. With carpets or drops rolled up like coke straws behind her. If I didn’t know this was Terry Richardson, I’d think this was a perfect shot. But since it is: Damn lucky shot.

  2. Oh, look. She’s reading “Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century.” She still thinks she’s going to play Liz Taylor in that Lifetime movie.

  3. spartacus

    She reads up becauseshe’s just soooo litererererararyy

    • Mohammed

      Men would like to believe that we are eahlthy and we don’t need help. I’ts a manly thing, Ohh, don’t worry. I can handle it myself. I’m tough enough Men don’t like seeking help, much like the We’re lost. Ask for directions scenario.

  4. Superdouche

    Did no one notice the small line of residual cocaine next to her right wrist?

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