1. “You can’t tell I’ve been drinking, can you?”

  2. Dox

    That’s the half lidded, plowed off her ass, reeking of the sour scent of alcohol and perfume mixed, completely convinced of her own sensuality and infallibility look.

    Usually ends in one of two ways.
    1) Waking up next to someone you’re pretty sure you have no desire to talk to. Ever.
    2) Walking up in the back of a pickup truck, on the road to Kentucky, because your retarded squadmate decided he absolutely had to see his girlfriend, even though you are only on a 72 hour leave, and its way out of bounds, while it rains on the tarp someone tossed over you as you slept off the twelve walk me downs you had at the karoke bar, singing that stupid song “God Bless America” because you’re 21 and amazingly stupid, when it suddenly occurs to you, that in your drunken stupor you proposed to the one woman, you absolutely had no business sleeping with, much less having an extended relationship with, only now she’s picking out rings and window dressings and naming your three kids…… and that’s when reality comes crashing in, and you swear never to drink again. At least till next week…

    Just sayin….

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