1. BAHAH

    Dear Lindsay Lohan,

    You will never be Marylin Monroe.

    The World.

    • anthonyOA

      nailed it.

    • BAHAH

      It’s so annoying how she tries THAT hard by replicating Marylin’s style, looks, photos, personality (the list goes on). It’s not inspiration, it’s OBSESSION. For God’s sake, Marylin is an icon, she’ll NEVER be an icon like that.

    • Xenophobiac

      and a note to Hugh… look at these pictures, notice all those red dots, they are called freckles.. way to airbrush the hell out of her to make her not even look like herself. Allowing her to pretend to be someone else so that she doesn’t realize the pity that has become her life

      • Jam

        Dear “BAHAH”, it’s spelled Marilyn. You obviously don’t know that since you fucked it up on all your posts.

  2. Dingo

    Her life looks difficult

  3. Jimbob

    These are more fappable than her Playboy spread.

  4. Willing to be honest

    Any straight man that saw this woman on a beach would want to nail her. Her body is incredible for a “real” woman.

    Don’t get me wrong…she’s a rotten, horrible dark hole of a human, but she’s effin hot.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      She’s skinny-fat, though. In that droopy, bloated way where no exercise happens ever. I thought guys liked tone? Not that I have any, just asking.

      • Nina

        Guys like T&A. She’s got T, not much A, but I’d hit it.

      • Skinny-fat is right.
        That waist-to-hip ratio stinks, but big tits tend distract they eye.
        From most angles, her body looks 50+ and every strip club in America has hotter bodies than this.

      • Anna

        “Skinny-fat?” And you’re not even toned yourself, but you’re making fun of thin girls who have a little softness? I’m sorry, but girls already have messed up image issues, now lets throw around another insulting word at them “skinny-fat.” Perfection is impossible. I’m not a fan of Lindsay, nor do I hate her. She doesn’t affect my life personally. But just think about your post. And all the people who are mentioning Marilyn – have they seen many pics of her? She was a beautiful woman, but curvy and soft. Yes, you can see rolls on her tummy on some pictures. Not many of the actresses back there were “toned” so I guess they were “skinny-fat” too. Not many people in general have time to exercise in today’s society… setting such a high standard for them and yourself is unreasonable, and yes, very shallow. Our idea of beauty if just crazy.

      • Arlene

        Perfection might be “impossible”, but at least you can fucking STRIVE for it. If you cannot find 30 minutes out of the day for a little exercise, you either need to put down the fork, stop shitting out kids, or doing whatever the hell it is you’re doing that you can’t spare 30 minutes out of the day. Not everyone can look like a model, but for christ’s sakes stop making excuses and get your lazy ass to a gym. It’s people like you that are fucking up this country and turning them into these “nobody-needs-to-do-a-thing-because-everyone-is-special” assholes. If you want something you have to work for it, and not try to bully people into your way of thinking because you are too goddam lazy to exercise and diet!

  5. orpheus_lost

    Let’s see, leathery skin, too much make-up, badly dyed hair, in an exotic fantasy location, wide toothy smile… All she needs is an ear of corn and she could a Polident commercial.

  6. Kiroux

    Shame about the face…

  7. Kirk

    Absolutely no interest in seeing this skag naked. It is hard enough to see her in clothes.

  8. The Pope

    Worthless without the nip-slip pic the Daily Mail had

  9. white guy

    maybe if she showed some snap more people would look.

  10. wee/man :o))

    Damn has she ever got nice big firm boobies.

  11. Is “rock bottom” when you sell one of your boob implants for coke? If so, I think she’s finally made it.

  12. She’s got cock squeeze cramps in both hands.

  13. Stewie Griffin

    Just OD already you stupid twat!

  14. Crystal

    At least she looks happy in this pic. I miss the old, cheery, volumptous (sp) Lindsay.

  15. true dat

    Damn that thing is ugly , even for 50 its nasty shit.

  16. Joe Mahma

    She’s a lazy, flabby, unhealthy mess. Even Courtney Stodden looks better.

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