1. Back in the day, I had a naturally rockin’ bod. I never worked out because I didn’t think I had to — and eventually this started happening, a sort of slow-motion Big De-Bang. Don’t let it happen to you, Lindsay!!! Ehhh, why do I bother. You never listen to me.

  2. Isee

    ^^^issues much?

    • Well, sure. But in this case I’m trying to save the world from more bloated snarky bitches like myself. I fear it’s years too late for our Linds.

  3. RickTheBigFuckingDick

    nice nipples! I suck that shit all day

  4. Dissapointed.

    Oh my god, where is her ass? She has an old lady butt! Time to get on a bike and work on those glutes

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