1. i like lindsay's nips

    looks like a little of both her nips are popping out the top of her bikini top. NICE!

  2. karlito

    a few months ago she was doing a photo shoot on a roof and the paparazzi were taking photos of her and she purposely opened her “housecoat” to show her tit. no bra, just bare tit. she then stood by the edge so they could take shots up here dress to check out her panties. this is her thing now. she’s lost her acting career and has no other way of getting attention but to show her lady parts. YEE HA!!!

  3. Ra

    1.Coke bloat?

    2. Why is her nelly button so damn high up?

    3. Her tits are less impressive now that I saw them in PB and their obviously fake. I always had respect for her massive boobs on skinny girl frame..but their fake :(((

  4. arnieblackblack

    They’re, they’re, they’re NOT their. Sheesh!

  5. ohwhatthehell

    No class, no dignity, no soul.

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