1. BAHAH

    She looks pregnant. With the child of crack.

  2. Alex

    Same belly Amy Winehouse had. I see them becoming great friends on the other side… Really soon.

    • PtC

      As soon as I saw the picture, I had that exact thought. Amy Winehouse alco-drugs tummy.

      • BAHAH

        That’s just sad. When she dies, I’ll feel bad that she couldn’t put herself together. But DAMMIT, you gotta stop sometime, she’s no Ozzy!

  3. less lohan!

    yikes! that’s quite a large tummy. please, dear god, never ever let this chick reproduce.

  4. Can we transplant those puppies before it’s too late?

  5. Gray

    Bad skin, what’s going on with the stomach, new veneers on the teeth, dye job with the hair, a flat ass and this was worth $1,000,000 to see naked? Most of her is fake.

  6. everyone needs to stop hating on her, shes a human just like the rest of us, we all have flaws!

    • D-chi

      True dat, she’s still in better shape than I am. (Although I never got into the meth, so that’s something.)

    • ky;ie

      we may all have flaws but we Can criticize her because Id like to know how in the hell someone who looks like this is on the cover of Playboy…I mean they can photoshop anyone to look good.

  7. Womb Raider

    Remember that famous video of the Sasquatch walking through the woods and looking back at the cameraman?

  8. ky;ie

    I know Heff is old and senile…but good lord…is he blind too!!!!

  9. i love gold

    Kendra’s knocked up again?

  10. jeff

    i think ill marry her!

  11. Siloporcen7

    Dear Lord…just…dear Lord

  12. Me

    Yummy, all I can think about is mottorboating!!

  13. Katie

    i think her little round tummy is cutee.

  14. lkl

    Looks like the gut of 50 year old truck driver after a couple of six packs.

  15. Teddy

    Thats what happens when you get fat then do drugs and lose alot of weight.

  16. Mike

    Lindsay Lohan has sexy boobs

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