1. mfb

    Lindsay Lohan’s tits = AMAZING!!!

  2. MoonBeam

    Butterface. Gah!

  3. York Hunt

    This is the first cooter bath I’ve had al year

  4. Ade

    Sexy and she knows it :) love to u lindsay :)

  5. Disgusting

    She looks fecking disgusting. And who wants pasty, spotty orange bags of fat? I don’t give a shit how big they are, they’re ugly. And they’re attached to something even worse. *shivers*

    • Bri

      Second this!!!:) She is not cute. I don’t get what people see and those huge dark spots on her upper thigh!! Gross she looks like a 40 year old hooker.

  6. Disgusting

    Further more, she has no visible waist, no hips, no ass, stumpy legs & a fucked up face. Fucking fabulous.

  7. Vin

    Lovely tits! She always had the best tits on earth!!
    She was beautiful but has plastic face now, not ugly though.

  8. JFS61

    Not feeling all the love for her and her fake funbags.

  9. Katie

    she looks pretty, not airbrushed.

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