1. oh i know

    her flipping veneers are too big!

  2. And she looks a little bloated.

  3. jal

    She just forgot to suck it in for this pic.

  4. Dee

    That is funny looking, she has a mom-pooch but hasn’t had any children…

  5. Gray

    How is this worth $1,000,000 naked? Bad skin, what’s going on with the stomach, new veneers on the teeth, dye job with the hair, a flat ass a Most of her is fake. I guess con artist is her next criminal behavior.

  6. Bri

    She has a fat belly! It’s sad to remember way back in the day she was very attractive, say 2004, when she had flowing red hair, was curvy and youthful. Now OMG! She is a gross mess does she not realize she is done? LOL

  7. Anna

    She doesn’t look that awful in the pictures. It’s just that the media has taught all of you what to expect. Regardless of your own selves, you slam any known person for looking less than pleasing to you.

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