1. After watching all of these pics, I gotta say. She doesn’t look like the mess we think she is. She’s still pretty hot. She just needs to get back into shape and stay away from the drugs.

    • I wouldn’t thumbs you down, Don, but I do gotta disagree. Her hair is nothing but wisps and cheap extensions, her cheeks I can’t even, her teeth oh God her teeth, her lips — well, she must be due for a Restylane appointment because her lips actually look normalish — she is not just out of tone, she is gaining weight (chin, belly, and there is one picture of her legs where even her thighs and knee looks fat). On top of which, every one of these pictures scream “PAY ATTENTION TO ME I AM STILL HOT SHIT” when she clearly is not. She *is* hot — for someone who works at a Dairy Queen in Alabama. For a “movie star”, as she considers herself to be, she’s really just kind of gross and sad.

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