1. brick

    That is one fugly bikini!

  2. Fondue

    Jesus, where are her hips?

  3. Tiggles

    Nice leg bruises, she dating a pint-sized Brazilian version of Chris Brown now?

  4. anonymous coward

    it’s always been about the tits with her

  5. Andrew

    Ooooh yeah baby! Crack porn at it’s finest.

  6. chicka

    …is there such a thing as a reverse fupa???

  7. has anyone noticed that her bellybutton is about 4 inches higher than the normal person? eww.

  8. little turtle head


  9. sure i would watch

    man, just do porn aready. quit dragging it out, you know it will be

  10. Sophie

    Even her belly button’s high

  11. Joe Mahma

    That is one unhealthy looking broad.

  12. Alexxx3488

    I don’t think those are freckles dappling her inner thighs…

  13. Motorboat Captain

    Finally, an answer to the age-old question: What would Mr. Burns look like with a pair of giant floppy tits?

  14. I didn’t know crack whores had their own swimsuit calender.

  15. benztech

    Why is her bellybutton located on her solar plexus?

  16. worst ass ever. looks like a beagle’s face melted on her ass..

  17. On another note, anyone know where to find this bikini or one with a similar top?

  18. try

    is dat a guy????

  19. Nancy

    That girl needs a gym

  20. greggo

    Yikes. Most unflattering swimsuit for a busty but narrow-hipped girl ever.

  21. That’s right, suck that gut in, Buck Rogers.

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