1. Zabou

    It looks like that cause her hair is dirty

  2. littlecookiemonster

    she should just start wearing wigs

  3. Emma Watson's Vagina

    it’s not dirt but hair thinning.

  4. Mike Walker


  5. Blech

    Oh, man…

    EAT SOMETHING and get off that shit you’re on!

  6. Lalalala

    Discusting hair extensions

  7. sitsdeep

    the white scalp is indicative of psoriasis,,,gotta feel for her on that one….. often manifests as a result of extreme stress

  8. Lord Invader

    Somebody got stunned with love glue gunnin’ last night. Muh muh muh mow.

  9. S.

    it’s her hair extensions making it look all gross

  10. pascalecake

    The restaurant is seriously called E Baldi? HAHAHA… Nice one, Universe.

  11. Chi Chi

    a couple of years ago someone (can’t remember who) told about how LL told them everyone she banged, it was just about anyone you could think of from Jared Leto to Valderama. She likes to brag.

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